Waxing & Ingrowns

So I’ve been an avid waxer for about 4 years now. I consistently get my underarms, eyebrows, brazilian, and for about 2 years my legs. I can NOT stand getting my leg hair waxed, I don’t know why but it just makes me angry and I absolutely hate it so I don’t get it done anymore. Anyway, I’m at that stage where the hair is just starting to grow back from a fresh wax about 2 weeks ago and ingrowns are starting to appear. I don’t think I noticed very many ingrown hairs from shaving but get them pretty bad from waxing. 

Last place I tried out was European wax Center and I bought an Ingrown Hair Serum that they said was like THE best for it, so I’m seeing how it goes. 
Any other ladies out there with ingrown hairs? What do you use? How do you get them to clear up right away? Any pointers would be great for me to try in the future, but this is the worst I think I’ve ever had ingrown hairs before. I’m not sure if it’s because they used hard wax.

Also. HUGE fan of hard wax over the soft that is used with the strips. Super clean, not sticky, a lot faster to remove the hair in my opinion as well. So, we’ll see as I keep using the serum how long it takes to clear up the areas.

To those who care and are wondering, definitely a fan of waxing. Hair stays gone completely for at least 2 weeks and then only having to shave like once a week for the next 2 weeks after that. How can you go wrong!?



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