Catch Up

So I haven’t blogged in awhile. Mainly because I’ve been really busy. I’m a server in downtown St. Louis and usually work doubles on the days I work (the whole weekend) so I get ready for work around 9 and don’t leave until usually 10:30-11. Interesting place really. & I’m about to start an entirely new work shift tonight, double tomorrow, double on Sunday. WOOOOOO I always like making money. Possibly thinking about getting a second job because the area has been a little dead since BPV opened…. which I HATE BPV btw, I refuse to go there any longer. Too many drunk, sloppy, ignorant people.

Other than that, I feel like I’m on an upward swing and things are going good. My summer classes ended and I don’t start school again until the 18th of August and another class the 25th at a nearby College. I already have a degree so I’m trying to save some money with this second one by taking as many classes as I can at a community college that will transfer.


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