Missouri Botanical Gardens <3

Botanical Gardens :)

Botanical Gardens 🙂

So on Wednesday I had a day off, and one of my current roommates are moving on Sunday to Portland, Oregon. So we made a whole day and went to the botanical Gardens for the first time ever and tripped on mushrooms. Definitely a pretty cool place to do that. There is so much to look at and touch and all kinds of different places where you can walk into. Kind of like a huge fun house for adults on drugs. The Whitaker Music Festival was also going on that night, so we stuck around and listened to the music and eventually smoked and ran rampant through the trees in the dark. I definitely want to go again. The place gets packed, if you go just for the music at 6:30 I believe it’s free admission, bring a blanket or some chairs and a picnic basket with some wine and you’re set, YES I said you bring it in with you. Chicks were carrying in 12 packs, greatest moment ever. haha

Earlier in the day I got back into lifting (FINALLY), a coworker and I got a gym membership at the Fitness Factory downtown and are going to start working out together. I am not out of shape or anything, I like to lift to get bigger because I was always such a tiny tiny girl.

Anyway, I have some great photos, but there are people in it and I would like this account to remain anonymous, so no more photos! 😉

I like going and doing different things like that, I think next I’m going to try the dinner/wine tastings the Botanical Garden offers. It’s every 3rd Sunday and you have to buy tickets in advance but you get a 3 course meal from some different area of the world and they match wines from another area of the world with the courses. I believe tickets are around $60-70 a piece but it sounds fascinating. I love trying new food and getting immersed in culture. Really, I just like trying new things and learning about things I never knew anything once about.
This world is a great, big, huge place and there are many different aspects that we never see if we are blind. Blind in the symbolic sense, not physically blind.


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