Weight Training/Body Building

Ok, so I’ve been lifting weights the past 2 years. I did so because I wanted to gain weight and size, as I was a tiny tiny little girl and I’ve added so far 2 sizes and am currently a size 2. I do however, really want to add mass to my legs. I hate them. People always called me chicken legs and said I had bird legs and now I really don’t like them, even though I do get compliments because theyre super muscular.
What I really want to know is how in the hell do I push them even further? I’ve been plateauing lately since I haven’t had much time with work and things going on in general. But I just got a new gym membership and I am feeling good and strong. I’ve increased size in my legs by 2 inches but it seems they just won’t get any bigger. I take protein, generally eat right, eat a lot of protein based foods. I don’t follow a strict diet but I make sure I always get the food pyramid into my diet everyday. Healthy body, healthy mind. Also, out of vitamins. :/ I’m thinking maybe I should start eating more cards or since that is the easiest way to put on weight but I hate how bloated I feel. :/
Ugh, what you do for the perfect body, huh?
So any hints, tips, in general will be helpful,

Currently my leg workout consists of:

4X8 squats – 135 lbs
4X8 deadlifts or goodmornings – 60 lbs
4X8 sumo squats – 60 lbs
4X8 single leg squat (each leg) – 60 lbs per leg

I really think I should just go up weight but I want to do it gradually since I’m getting back into it.



  1. My question for you would be how often you train your legs? If you’re looking to build, it’s important to not over train them. Recovery is really the key for growing muscles, as they grow during this period. Also are you eating enough? I’m sure you’re getting the proper nutrition, but perhaps you need some more calories? Just a thought. Anyway, best wishes!


    • I usually train my legs 3 days a week. I do one day with quite a few different squats, deadlift or good mornings(one or the other). Day 2 is leg press, abduc/adduc and calves. Day 3 is curls & extensions, calves, lunges and hack squats.
      I’m probably not getting enough calories in during my day. I work as a server so I double 3-4 days a week so it’s hard for me to get all of those calories in unless I want to eat them late at night. I’ve been trying to supplement a protein shake in the morning before I go in. It’s usually GNC XXX Mass Gainer. I take that about 3 times a week. I think I should incorporate more carbs, but when I do I don’t see a lot of weight gain in my legs, but mainly bloating in my abs/arms.


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