Castlewood State Park

Castlewood State Park!

So randomly several of my coworkers and I all had the same day off so we decided to go on a massive date day to Castlewood State Park in Ballwin, MO. We went for a pretty steep, uphill hike, brought coolers with booze and food and swimsuits and after the hike went down to the rock/sand beach and had a little fun in the sun. Now, they do not allow alcohol after a certain point, but just be responsible and pick up after yourself and there wouldn’t have to be signs like this posted. Needless to say, we brought alcohol anyway and just made sure we picked everything up and disposed of everything in our own trash bag we brought with us. I HATE LITTERING!!!! It was a pretty successful day, we played sand volleyball for awhile, swam in the river and had a pretty good time. Amazingly, a couple brought out their nine American Bulldog puppies!! How great is that!?!? But if you’re ever looking for anything to do in the summer/fall, round up a friend or two and go out and spend some time in nature.
I can NOT even begin to tell you what a difference just some outside fun in the sun and being surrounded by things other than concrete and brick buildings are.
I think it genuinely helps me with my well being and puts me in a better state of mind so I can only imagine it would do the same for so many others!!!
Since I do really worry about my state of mind sometimes and have a really hard time relying on other people or feelings. Ughhh, I’m such a complicated person. As of right now, everything is good, I’m taking care of myself and just trying to do things that I wanted but never had the courage to do alone. The best thing you can do for yourself is to go outside your comfort range and do some things for yourself.

Also, in the next few weeks before fall comes around I definitely am planning a trip to

Fugitive Beach

Friends say it has some of the clearest, bluest water in our area and that there is an actual beach.


Elephant Rocks State Park

apparently from the website has some beautiful fall foliage, so maybe I’ll wait to go here until the trees start to change. I LOVE FALL, it’s my favorite season. But I’m hoping to try out some bouldering and just walking the trails.

The Offsets

Definitely have wanted to go here for awhile now. Jumping off cliffs?? HELL YES I AM GOING TO DO THIS!

I think all of us, no matter how old, should do things that are exciting and take us back to childhood.

One of the most inspiring things to me is watching children play and seeing how easily they are amused and made happy. By the SIMPLEST things. My life was starting to get too stressful and scary, spiraling out of control. & I still do not know exactly how I got to that point. So yes, I still go to work and pay my bills and get things done that I am supposed to, but I think I let those responsibilities overtake me and run my life. Enjoy Yourself! You only have one life.


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