I’ve had psoriasis since I was about 12-13 years old I think. The past year and a half I have been on Stelara and it has done WONDERS for me. I have a few flare ups around season changes and that’s mainly it. I get an injection every 3 months in the abdomen (yuck). My skin is 100% clearer now though and I had to fight with my doctors in order to be able to take it. I switched dermatologists in the end because my old doctor just would not let me get on a drug like Stelara saying that my case was not severe enough and that I was too young. (I started it whenever I was 22). It was so bad to the point where it hurt to lay down because I had plaque psoriasis all over my back and sides.

Anyway, had to get up SUPER early this morning for blood work… (I HATE NEEDLES). Yesterday I went in to get a TB test done and a tetnis shot, since mine had expired back in May. Anyway, this is just another post for staying healthy. I get bloodwork done every 6 months checking my lipids, kidneys, liver, and a few other things.

Mainly I’m just crabby because I was up at 7:30 NOT A MORNING PERSON & then got jabbed with some needles the past few days.

Last night I was being a brat and contemplating eating ice cream after 8, which I wasn’t supposed to do because a few of the blood panels you have to fast for. :/

Also, found a friend to bike all of the trails with me!!! Woot woot, now time to get ready for work. Just working a lunch shift today, going to lift after. I’ll post my workout once I’m home. Probably doing a leg day since my arms are sore from all these needle pricks & that tetnis shot…..OUCH.

Have a great day guys!



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