Server Probs

I’ve mentioned before I work downtown on Wash Ave in St. Louis. Well lately it’s been pretty dead with BPV opening. However, tonight was kind of weird. We were slammed, and then dead and then slammed and then dead. I had kind of a bad day. SUPER tired from blood work and a dr appt at 8 am. My arm hurts from my tetnis shot yesterday, I was only supposed to work lunch and got coerced into working a double, didn’t get my workout in because I didn’t have a long enough break and started my period. Just one of those off days and I was exhausted the whole time. Still didn’t even get out of work until 11:30, met up with my boy and had a beer, and made it home a little after 1. Very long day, I have the whole day off tomorrow, but I have the first bike ride planned in my goal to bike all of the MCT Trails, hopefully around 10 am. I have another dr appt at 145, and am going to try to go to hot yoga at 6.


I bought a groupon for a month unlimited hot yoga a few months ago and still have yet to redeem it. I have a little less that 3 weeks before school starts so I really want to get into now when I have more free time and don’t have to worry about work and class.

Also, I’ve decided I hate working doubles. It’s not that I’m physically exhausted but that the payoff isn’t worth it. Some mornings I’ll go into work and be cut without even have taken a single table. 10:30-1:30 with no tables making $3.45 an hour BLOWS. With school starting I’m not going to be doubling anymore, I also am going to be looking for a second job closer to my homestead. 

There were crappy tippers tonight and just anything that would be off, would. But seriously people, one of the BIGGEST pet peeves of the industry; do NOT go out to eat if you do not have the funds to tip your server. We do NOT work for free and we do NOT make minimum wage. We also have to tip out our bussers and our bartenders. So you leaving $4 on a $40 tab just isn’t cutting it, by the time I tip out bussers and bartenders after that, I’m left with $2 and that’s just from that bill, thank you very much. Also, if you see that I have 5-6 other tables who are all needing things it does not bother a server for you to ask for everything all at once. That is less times I have to run by your table to see if you’re ready for drinks, order appetizers, food, see if everything came out alright, if everything tastes ok, bussing the plates off, splitting checks and dropping the bill. That’s a LOT of stops to make between a few tables, let alone 6-7; some of which being a table of 8+. However, I will get pissed if every single time I stop by your table just to check on you, you need something extra every single time. Make up your damn mind if you need another drink whenever your friend orders one, not whenever I am returning with your friends new drink and you just so happen to decide when I bring the new drink that you want one as well. I know damn well you heard me when I was getting her/his order for their drink and you could have just as easily told me you needed another, like FUCK. Also, if you have a modification for every single thing you order, or you want to order an entree that comes with 3 things persay, and you want 3 different kinds when it clearly says to choose one. THIS IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING AND EXTRA. Choose one thing that sounds the best, OR order something that is like a sampler platter with a couple different things on it. NOT THAT FUCKING HARD.UGH, long day and I’m exhausted. #serverprobs #endRant 

Looking forward to tomorrow, hopefully I get up early and have a productive day. 

Also, Monday we have made set plans for Fugitive Beach.



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