Fugitive Beach

IMG_20140805_100936 IMG_20140805_102106


Fugitive Beach was definitely worth the 2 hours to get there. Even though it is in the middle of nowhere, it’s an old rock quarry with a 15 & 20 foot jump point with life guards on duty. $5 a person to get in, $3 beers, $2 noodle rental. I was a fan foe sure. I went off both jumps and did the waterslide. Definitely wear water shoes because the beach is really rocky and you have to walk up somewhat steep paths. However, i did lose some expensive oakleys off the 20 foot jump 😡 sooooo, there’s a waste of money…. :/ 

Brought a frisbee and the volleyball this time. 😀 & it was a great 90 degree day, saw a downtown officer that was there with his family who recognized us. So, it’s not that crazy of a drive and kid friendly as well. It also is an hour & 20 minutes in the right way of my family so now I’m starting at home on my mini vacay.

Friday I’m leaving for IL again & guessing to the Huzzah for a float trip over the weekend. 😁😝


More on that after the weekend, and sometime next week definitely heading to The Offsets with my boy around my birthday 🎂


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