Huzzah River Valley – Float Trip

Huzzah Valley

My first float trip went great. 23 years, major partying and a bachelor’s degree and I’ve never been on a float trip. Don’t ask me how that is. I just never really had the time and lately I’ve been going with the flow a lot more. Call me the “Yes Ma’am”. Anyway, it was definitely a success if you’ve ever been on a float you know what I mean. Blacked out drunk the two days we were camping, passed out in a lawn chair. I was the first one to fall out of the raft and lost my sunglasses 30 feet into the river. I’m a little clumsy and accident prone. I was also the first one to injure myself on the rocks and basically just had the time of my life. Jumped onto some random groups rafts, mingled with strangers, sucked down some flabongos, shots, jello shots, and beer.

Just a fun time with some old friends and a hilarious group of people. Found quite a few people that I knew from school that were on the float as well. Got really baked, got really nasty and decided not to shower and basically just passed out dirty as hell. Also acquired a free raft we got to take home after someone’s stereo cooler broke. :/ Which, by the way, those things are fucking awesome!!! Definitely going to invest in one of those for next summer and just for outdoorsy things as well.


For those of you who do not know what a flabongo is, it’s a flamingo yard ornament that you cut part of the beak off of and part of the stomach so you can pour beer into it. It is also called an accelerated drinking device, and illegal on the river, along with beer bongs and a few other things; but we made use of ours a few times and then disposed of it in the trash bags. I’m usually not a huge fan of camping because I like to shower every night and I hate campfires and how they make you smell.

For some reason whenever we’re camping we all wake up at the damn crack of dawn as well. So we were all up bright and early at 6:30 AM each morning. A few of our group members have a rash from the float, I got ate up by bugs and have a wound that probably needed stitches, but was too drunk and not far enough into the float to be able to do anything, so a group member of mine poured tequila on it and we called it a day. HAHA
I’ll add a few photos to the post whenever we get our water cameras developed.



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