The Offsets/ Six Flags

The Offsets

Six Flags St. Louis

Alright so yesterday I went on a trip with a few friends and my boy ❤ to The Offsets in B.F.E. Missouri. We got a little too tipsy on the way there and got lost a few times but we eventually made it there, and no our driver was not drinking, we just weren’t very good copilots to give directions while intoxicated. 

Anyway, definitely loved it. Went off the 50 foot cliff twice. I psyched myself out and stood up there for a good half hour before I got shit talked into jumping. I’m not scared of heights but I think the older I get the more cautious I’ve been getting and I kept staring at the water so that was my mistake. But I jumped off twice and then my boyfriend swam me back to the other side in a tube. So just a nice day of cliff diving and drinking, again. Definitely a rush to do that and it really didn’t hurt or anything. I need to start doing this stuff way earlier next summer, there’s only a few more weeks and then most things like that will start closing I’m pretty sure. Anyway, it was a good day. Hung out with some friends I don’t see too often because of our busy schedules and had a great time. Anyone that hasn’t gone, make plans and go sometime before the summer ends. You can rent tubes for $5 and it’s $10 a person to get into the quarry. There are quite a few different jump sites and they range from 20-50 feet. I went off the 50 and the 20 a few times. It’s a pretty clean area with places to camp and grill and such. 
Afterwards we weren’t through partying so a few of us met back up and went out in Soulard and Broadway Oyster Bar. hahhaa and snorkeled.

A snorkel is basically shotgunning a red bull and vodka. So you break open the end of a red bull, pour some out, pour vodka in, open the tab and chug away. So yea, we were all pretty sloppy when we went out, but we all had a good time. I also have YET to get a chance to eat at Broadway, we end up going too late and the kitchen closes around 10. A lobster po’boy is probably going to be in my dreams tonight.

We randomly decided to meet up today and go to Six Flags, so as I’m blogging I want you to realize just how tired I am. EXHAUSTED after my float over the weekend, a day at the offsets and then six flags.

People probably think I live a fake life but I definitely do not, I just know how crappy things can get when you don’t live life to the fullest so I took my life by the horns and haven’t looked back since. I’ve cut out a lot of negativity and annoyances in my life and I feel MUCH better. It’s nice to just relax and go on fun adventures without the weight of all of you responsibilities drowning you. 😀

This was the third time I’ve visited Six Flags this summer, those season passes really do pay off and we got two of our other friends to buy them today as well. Got there around 2 and the park closed at 6 but we pretty much rode every ride at least once. I ever got to go on Thunder River, which I normally can NOT get anyone to go on, but it was a little late in the day so we were still soaked on the ride home and that was disgusting with jean shorts on. Definitely looking forward to Fright Fest in October!!!!! I’ve never been to that one but it’s included in a season pass so I’m definitely taking advantage of that. 😀 I love getting scared and I think the rides at night will be pretty awesome. 

Anyway, today is the end of my time off from work and I’m starting with serving Wednesday-Sunday. Eeeeekkk it’s going to be terrible 😦


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