Arms & Shoulders Day :D

Alright so I had previously early on in the summer started Arnold’s Blueprint…

Personally I think it is VERY hard because I usually do not exceed more than 8-10 reps on any day on any exercise but the first few weeks of Arnold’s you’re doing reps of 20,15,12,10. CRAZY to me. 

I used a new preworkout, Mr. Hyde, which I liked because it didn’t make me feel like a crack head and I finished my workout in two hours. I went ahead and jumped to week 4 since  I am in pretty good shape and had previously done the other weeks about a month ago. I guess you could say lately I’ve just been trying to maintain since I don’t have a lot of time, but now that school is back in session, I work less and have a better schedule. 😀

Is where I look up a lot of different things if I’m interested or am just curious but there are different workout plans and things you can do off of this site as well. I ordered a random assortment of supplements and things about a month ago so I’m still trying out new things to see what I like and don’t like. I haven’t tried any of the fat burners yet, I’m a little leery of those because I’ve never used them. 

Also recently watched the film, Pumping Iron about Arnold Schwarzenegger, not going to lie, I thought it was highly entertaining. Totally respect Arnold and all. but my my … hahaha 

Anyway, the workout I did was

Superset of Press & Front dumbbell raise 4×20,15,12,10

Press weight: 20×15 15×20 12×20 10×25

Front dumbbell raise 20×5 15×10 12×10 10×12

Superset Lat Raise & Upright Row 

Lat raise weight: 20×5 15×10 12×10 10×10

Upright Row: 20×10 15×15 12×20 10×20

Barbell Curl: 20×30 15×35 12×40 10X45

Superset of Incline Dumbbell curl & concentration curls

dumbbell incline curl weight: 20×10 15×10 12×12 10×15

concentration curl: 20X10 15X10 12×12 10×15

Close Grip Barbell Bench Press: 20×35 15×45 12×50 10×55

Superset of Barbell Skullcrushers and One Arm Tri Extensions

Skullcrushers weight: 20X15 15×30 12×35 10×35

One Arm tri were all 10 lbs

Superset of Reverse Curls and wrist curls were 20,15,12,10×10 lbs. Obviously I am pretty weak when it comes to tris, forearms, and shoulders. I used to really hate doing shoulders but it got to the point where my biceps were much larger than my shoulders and I don’t like how that looks ….. 

Hopefully I’ll keep the work up, this workout took me about 2 hours in the gym.

I also did a leg day about 2 days ago so I will blog about that later, as of now I need to be heading to my physics class. 



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