“Life is too Important to be Taken Seriously” – Oscar Wilde

This is seriously one of my more favorite quotes I have ever came across and it can’t be more true to me. In the past and still sometimes day to day I constantly psych myself out and worry too much over things that seriously do not matter. A big one, is what people think about me. I pride myself on really not caring too much about what others say or think about me. But sometimes it just sucks to hear the same thing about yourself over and over again from YEARS ago, especially yourself being associated with it even though it’s not true anymore. Like, give people  a chance and forget about things that happened in high school, we change and grow up the more we age and I have been out of high school for almost 7 years. Your taste buds change every 7 years, so do the things that you make a priority and value. I would think you were a very flat person if you had not changed at least a small amount in 7 years. Now, nothing really happened to set me off on this rant, I was just thinking about it and the stigmatism that comes with people taking their time doing things that others think should be done ASAP. Mainly, I already have a bachelor’s degree and was planning on going to law school, changed my mind the month before I was supposed to leave and start and then decided to pursue a completely different path and start an entirely different major. People ask why I didn’t just go to grad school… because I did not want to make a career out of the degree that I had. Also, because there is no way in hell I would get accepted into a grad program for math & stats whenever the furthest math I had ever taken in undergrad was precalc….that just does not happen. So I am getting a second bachelor’s and you know what, it is a REALLY hard major, so no I’m not going to overload my schedule with 18 credit hours every semester unless I want to kill myself a few months in because I don’t have the time for homework or any other thing in life on top of it. DAMN! I’m really not worried about finishing up these classes and hurrying to get out of school to start a career. I’m about to be 24 years old and HELL NO I am not ready to be a complete adult and take on all of the responsibilities that come with it. Am I ready to make money and be set in a career? Yes, but that also entails being completely grown and up and having serious responsibilities that you have to live up to and acting in a certain way in most cases. I’d like to take my time with this degree and have a good time, not necessarily party every night of the weekend or have to pull all nighters to finish homework, but yes, I’m going to take my time, I have a full time schedule with only 3 classes right now, am I going to take 4 just to take 4? NO. I don’t understand why people are in such a hurry to grow up all of the time. They say they want independence and stability. I work part time and go to school full time and can pretty much fully support myself other than that I don’t pay for my health insurance and I usually have pretty good cash leeway after paying rent, utilities, putting gas in my car, and buying groceries. Is it hard? Sometimes, yea it really is. Is it something that people my age really can’t afford? No it’s not, anyone working part time can afford the same amount of things that I do, even not being a server, I did it for years in my first undergrad. So exactly why do people pressure you to get out of school and start making money? I do not know. My family is really bad about making snarky comments about how I’m just going back to school to party all of the time and get drunk every night. They literally think I have all of this free time in the world and that I don’t do anything important with my time. Hell, they just asked if I could take an entire week off of school and babysit while they go on vacation in Florida. Like no, I do not have the room to skip that much class and miss work, shit doesn’t work like that. There is seriously so much time to stress out about work and hating your job and having to be responsible, the main reason I hear over and over again is money. People want money and want to make money and be stabilized and set; why does everything have to be about money? Celebrities are perfect examples of this crap, they make a fuck ton of money and they’re still overdosing in bathrooms and committing suicide. Money does not buy happiness, it just buys you a lot of things and a feeling of emptiness because you don’t really know if people like you for you or if it’s just because you have money. Do yourself a favor and spend your money on experiences and practical things that you can use and memories that you will remember forever and you will be that much more happier in life. 

Life is too important to be taken seriously. If you’re too serious and spend your whole life that way you are going to be one seriously miserable mother fucker by the time you hit 30. My goal is to be starting my career at 26 and no sooner. I do not want to be a “lifer” at a restaurant or be stuck at a dead end minimum wage job my whole life but I also know that currently there isn’t a lot of flexibility with working a full time job. I have 12 hour days 4 times a week this semester and do not have a single day off where I have nothing better to do than lay around, I have a constantly busy schedule. Honestly, I might get a little stressed out about that in a few months but hopefully I’ll stay on track and end up fine. But seriously, go have fun, laugh, be young, be wild, be free, be whoever you want to be and whoever you are inside. Don’t let people drag you down just because their lives suck at an early age of 22-23 years old and they’re going to live to regret it at an even younger age.

So think about the things in life that truly make you happy and who you are. Do things that let your soul shine, not things that just make you look good on paper. quote


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