Serving Probz

So in any restaurant biz, there is always high turnover rates, lots of new faces and of course not everyone gets along. Today had been a very stressful day at work, there’s a new girl who is just WAY overdramatic, sneaks in and grabs your tables if you aren’t paying attention, but then fucks up all of her orders. Like every single ticket that comes back to the window has a mistake on it, NOT KIDDING.

Well it just so happens that this same woman also is overly dramatic, bitches about almost everything and just can’t let things go. Her personality is horrible, she came in and acted like she ran the place from the moment she stepped foot in the door and was hired. NOT a good thing when you first start working somewhere, especially whenever you have so many fuck ups every shift you work. 

Anyway, that was just something that was bothering me, I stay out of all of the drama and when she tries to talk to me about her beef with other servers and the he said she said I just nod my head and try to be as vague as I can so I don’t get drawn in and my name doesn’t come up. Regardless, no one likes her and it’s very apparent that she’s just negative for the whole team. Honestly, I hope she gets fired soon. Not wishing bad luck on anyone, because I would be pissed if this person was me but there are certain things that you can do to just make everything easier for everyone else and that main thing would be not caring what other people are saying about you and dropping it quickly. The only opinions that matter at a restaurant are your managers and your guests. It’s not the end of the world if someone doesn’t like you. But please do not argue in the middle of the floor and accuse each other in front of guests about what drugs they’re on. That is just not professional and I’m pretty sure at this age of our lives we should be over the little high school drama crap. I guess some people just never grow out of it. Definitely do not plan on being a lifer at a restaurant, No thank you.



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