The Seventh Son – Orson Scott Card

I just stayed up until 3 AM to finish reading this book. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I have to say that this was probably the Harry Potter of the late 80’s. How I never heard about these books is beyond me. I was randomly talking to one of my coworkers who is part of a certain type of new religion, and me being fascinated with religions, began talking to different things which led to these books….

Umm, did I say I stayed up until 3 AM to finish this one? It’s the first in a series of 7, 6 are already out and the 7th is in the making. As soon as I finished this book I got on google play and bought the second, “Red Prophet”. I haven’t been this excited about a book in awhile. and usually I am let down with series so I hope that this one continues to be as good as it has been.

I have some logic homework to get through tonight but I am definitely going to go ahead and start the second one and probably end up skipping Sunday school. 

Anyway, anyone who is fascinated with religion, our own American history, and the workings of old ways back in the day as well as a fan of science fiction and literature will probably love this book and hopefully the whole series.

I’m still kind of a nerd at 24, and have probably read over 20 books in this year alone. 

Any book suggestions from anyone who thinks I may like some things please feel free to give suggestions and let me know what you’re reading.

Hopefully someone gets their hands on this book and loves it!



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