Sleep Deprived

There have only been 3 weeks in the semester so far and I am already sleep deprived, behind, and not doing too well. I think I just don’t manage my time very well and I’m busy besides. I do homework every night, usually the night before it’s due so this weekend I’m going to try to catch up on some sleep (FAT CHANCE since I work this weekend) however I am off Sunday so I plan on catching up on some sleep, possibly taking a nap tomorrow afternoon before I go into work. Right now it’s 12:30, I have been working on physics homework since around 7-7:30, only got a 76% on it because our teacher deducts points for wrong attempts…who in the FUCK does that??? I’ve had numerous homework online and not a single one deducted points for guessing the wrong answer. You usually only get 3 tries, and thenyou just completely get it wrong. BUT COME ON.

Anyway, going to wake up at 8 am so I can do my calc 2 homework before 11 AM, when it is due and go to class. Then I plan on coming home and finishing my next physics assignment which is due tomorrow night at midnight in around 2-3 hours hopefully or I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and take the bad grade. I’ve never taken physics before, and I’m behind because I added the class late. I think I just need to select set times that I dedicate to studying and only studying. Like 3 hours a night. & even if I don’t have homework just go ahead and read ahead or start on some other thing sooner. 

This is literally killing me, I don’t do well on lack of sleep and I just seem to never be able to catch up with it all. UGH.

Saturday’s I have to look forward to because I don’t do homework since I double.:/ what a thing to look forward to.

Any words of advice or anything that helped some other people learn physics? I just need to pass this class as it’s the only physics class that I’m required to take. UGH AND I HATE IT ALREADY!!!


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