Back/Shoulder Day

I’m still not completely back into shape how I’d like to be right now. I really am coming up short with time, the work load for my classes are so time consuming. Ugh. It drives me crazy.

Deadlift 8×95    8×95     6×115     6×115     10×95

Behind Neck Press 10×25 each      8×25      6×30     7×30      4×30     10’s til failure

Seated Rows     10×40     8×55     6×70     4×85     40 til failure

Behind head pull down 10×40     8×55     6×70     4×80    40 til failure

Standing T Raises 10×45     10×25     5×45     7×25    6×45     6×25     4×45     25 til failure

My shoulders and chest are probably the weakest parts on my body so it’s pretty discouraging when I do work these. I used to work shoulders twice a week trying to get them stronger and stabilized. I guess this is just what happens when you fall off the wagon. I’m not overweight AT ALL or anything like that, I started lifting to gain mass because I was sooo small.

I actually just bought Ashley Horton’s Pipehitter fitness and nutrition plan. Went grocery shopping today for the week, doing some meal prepping tomorrow afternoon and hopefully hitting in legs. I want to get a little more back up to par before I start pipehitter but I will definitely post some photos for before and after!


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