Clean Eating

I recently purchased Ashley Horner’s Pipehitter nutritional and fitness plan. I haven’t started the actual workout plan, but I’m still hitting the gym hard, yesterday was a leg day, which I will post about later. 

But I have started to eat clean. Meaning I’m only eating chicken breast, oats, ground turkey, veggies, egg whites and almond milk for the next 25 days I believe. I haven’t COMPLETELY came into the diet, I still drink 2% milk and snack on nutella and chocolate peanut butter on my busier days. But I’d say 80% of my meals are actually clean throughout the day.

I’ll update whenever I get completely on track with my diet and start the Pipehitter plan! 

Mainly my question is how to make a sweet potato more healthy for you??

Whole reason why I am posting this blog. I don’t particularly like sweet potatoes and everything I’m seeing on how to prepare them is to add a TBS of butter….. I don’t use butter, like AT ALL. EVER. The texture of it kind of grosses me out and I don’t like how it melts, let alone all of the cholesterol in that crap. YUCK. So I’m on the hunt for a healthy way to prepare a sweet potato. Any suggestions?


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