Leg Day :)

So I started the day off with 5-6 minutes on an elliptical, all the way resistance at 20 alternating between that and 13.

Weighted step ups 3 sets of 6 each leg with two 20 lb dumbbells, 24 inches high on the step ups. My ass was on fire!!

Squats 8×95     7×135      7×135     4×155

single leg lunges 3 sets of 6 with 105 lbs

leg press (toes out,  heels in)     8×335     8×335     6×385     6×385

leg abductors     8×190     8×210     6×230     4×250

I always stretch before and after a leg day for at least 10 minutes and try to do some type of short cardio warm up to get my legs going. I think it’s just something of a habit after running track for so many years.

Also, since I’ve started my diet with the Ashley Horner nutrition plan, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten enough calories per day and that could be why I stopped seeing growth. As well as just not lifting or really doing much of anything unfortunately.

I saw an old friend last night and they told me that I looked very skinny…. :\

Same thing with last week I went and saw a movie and a different friend told me I looked very small…. wtf people does 10 pounds really make that big of a difference? Maybe it’s how I carry myself, all I know is that I do not like being called skinny or small and I miss my big muscles 😦 Today is usually an off day for me but I think I might just go to the gym anyway, I didn’t go yesterday so that can count as my off day. I guess it’s chest day :\ Ugh


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