Lewis & Clark Hiking Trail

By the way, forgot to record my travels. Yesterday I went on a hike with a friend after I got off work on the Lewis and Clark trails out of St. Charles. We estimated that we probably hiked about 7 miles in 2 hours. We were just trudging on off in the forest and got lost for a bit. Started on the Lewis trail and ended up on the Clark trail. We were very confused but we were just stomping around catching up since we haven’t seen each other in a month or more. Definitely therapeutic if you’re stressed out, I highly recommend stomping around in some mud/dirt and running through the wilderness. I did see a few people jogging and I think I might try to jog/walk a few trails coming up just to ease my mind and get some pent up stress out. I like going with friends because it’s something to do other than go out but I honestly enjoy being by myself most of the time. Since I won’t be here this weekend, I’ll be in California playing, I think the following Sunday I’m going to start my first MCT trail on my bike goal from a few weeks ago. I said I would give myself to November to do the 5-6 trails that are on it, starting with a 5 mile and ending in a 33 mile. Woohoo.

Gotta get my mind in check.


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