Back Day

It’s day 2 from back day and my lats are pretty sore, as well as obliques.

Assisted pull ups- 10×40 lbs     8x40lbs     4×30 lbs     7×40 lbs

Row –  10×55     8×60     8×70     8×60

Bent over barbell row 10×50     10×60     10×60

Lat pull down (wide) – 10×55     8×70     7×75     6×70     6×70     10×55

Seated rowing narrow grip 10×55     8×60     8×70     8×60     10×55

RAWR 😉 haha

Been using the Amino Core, I’m hoping to see muscle development, weight, and results.

I stuffed myself ridiculously silly on pasta about 35 minutes ago and my stomach feels like it’s going to explode still. So I’m sipping water catching up on my blogging.


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