Just Catching Up

I definitely saw a HUGE difference with clean eating over the past few weeks. I got VERY lean, had a lot of energy and just overall felt better. I did switch off of that clean eating kick this week though and have been carb loading with pastas and all kinds of awful food. I feel tired, lagging, and slow. So I think that it does make a difference and I’m going to save clean eating for around the April/May months. My goal currently is to add on 20 pounds of muscle by around December. :O Crazy right? It’s definitely doable if you persevere.

School is going badly, of course I missed a whole week of class by going to Beyond wonderland… sooo that definitely didn’t help. I don’t know what my problem is, I think it really just isn’t a huge priority of mine at the moment and i’m still confused about what I want to do. Like for Christ’s sake, get a degree in 4 years, get out, get a job, slave away to the conformity of society, No fucking thank you. So if I can somehow manage to pass my classes this semester by the seat of my pants I’m going to be doing some VERY hard thinking about what lies in my future and what I should be giving priority to at the moment. 😐 Sickening.

I realized I hadn’t blogged in awhile so I’m just going to give a run down.

Beyond Wonderland was fucking AMAZING. Definitely the most chill people and place I have ever been. I’ve never been to Cali before so it was great, I could definitely see myself living there. I met my besties boyfriend, in which they are totally in love and I am super happy for them. He was soo nervous about meeting me that he said it made him sick. But he didn’t have to worry because I ended up loving him and we have a lot of similarities, so how could I NOT love him. haha

Missing a week of school to go play around in California was not the best idea, but I’ll live with it. I have two midterms this week. Please sweet baby Jesus let me atleast get a C on them!!!! Ahhhh. I’m definitely going to be putting in 10+ hours of studying for them a piece, so it won’t just be by luck. I’m done for the day so all I have in my near future is making some Chicken tortilla soup in the crock pot while I’m in the library, and the gym. I will post my last two sessions this week after this post. I got some new supplements, AminoCore and Cellucor C4. I always really liked C4 but this time it’s just not kicking in for me like it used to. I’m thinking I might try Mr Hyde, I had a sample pack variety and I really liked what it did for me in the gym. However, if I remember correctly, it wasn’t just the original Mr. Hyde, so I will have to look into that. The Amino Core I got in key lime cherry. Tastes great, however the few times that I’ve used it so far I feel a little nauseous. I want this little body to GROW, so I’m going to continue taking it.

I really am growing less and less surprised by the shit-iness of people. While on my trip to Cali, one of my supposed good friends who I was supposed to stay with completely fucked me at the last minute, literally 11:30 at night the night before my flight left to tell me she had too much stuff going on and couldn’t pick me up from the airport because she had to work in the morning, even though she said multiple times everything was all set. The actual day before all this other stuff came up. We madeplans to meet in San Fran for a night out, texted me around 10 to let me know her fiance had a pop up conference. I know how the world works, you don’t just have pop up conferences, so I doubt that I end up going to her wedding in December after all. Pretty sure I’m going to go on a skiing/snow boarding trip with one of my roomies instead which is more productive in my opinion. However, I’m going to have to go out to Hidden Valley and figure out how to snowboard haha.

Also, a super doucher at work let me know he’s had a girlfriend for over a year and a half and decided to divulge this information because he realized he was never going to be able to fuck me. Seriously?! This just made me so disgusted. Just ew. I hate what this society has become; a bunch of immoral, loose, disgusting fucking creatures. End rant.


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