Leg Day

Well, the gym on my campus only has one squat rack, so it gets me REAL edgy when people use it for stupid shit like curling, et. It’s a commonly phrased gym saying, NO CURLS IN THE FUCKING SQUAT RACK. Regardless, I say fuck um, and went to the leg press. Boom!

Leg Press – 10×200      8×250      8×290     6×340     6×340     12×200

I also alternated doing calves between sets. My little legs want to GROW

Sumo squats in the rack –  10×115     8×115     8×135     6×135

I couldn’t feel my ass during these so I cut it pretty short 😀 haha

Deadlift  10×95     8×115     4×135     8×115      6×115

Deadlifts have very recently started to discourage me because I can’t pick up enough to work my legs, it’s all going to my back and arms trying to heave this ridiculously stupid bar and it pisses me off so honestly I would rather do good mornings. I did recently just purchase a new pair of weight straps, mine have eluded me the past few months so it’s safe to say I probably left them at the gym and someone ganked them.

This was the end of my workout. I’ve been trying to keep leg day to a few exercises, heavy weight and be done within an hour. Just some pointers I’ve been told so I’m going to try it out for a few weeks and see. The only thing I personally do not like is that my upper half is pretty fucking shredded and I feel like my lower half is just kinda puffy/ blah. Sooo I’ll try it out for the rest of the month and we shall see. :/


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