Close grip bench press –     20xbar     15xbar     8×10     8×10     6×15     6×15     6×20     15xbar

overhead tri cable     12×20     12×25     12×30

Tri pushdown bar     8×25     8×25     8×30

Tri pushdown rope     8×25     8×25     8×30

bicep curl     6×20     6×25     4×30     6×25

bicep curl bar 8×30     8×40     8×45

bicep cable curl     8×30     8×35     8×42.5

My arms felt like they were going to freaking explode after this workout.

Definitely used the amino core and a scoop & a half of cellucor. That seemed to do the trick.

Also, I have a gym membership included in my tuition at the school I go to and also a membership at Fitness Factory that I pay around $20 a month for since I work downtown. I haven’t been to Fitness Factory in probably 2+ months so I feel that it’s a big waste. I’m going to check on pricing for personal trainers at my school’s gym and at fitness factory to compare pricing. If campus is cheaper I’m more than likely going to see if I can get out of my membership at Fitness Factory. A friend of mine told me it’s usually just a fee you have to pay to get out of it. I could go workout at Fitness Factory Friday, Saturday morning and Sunday evening. However I always work a double on Saturday and Sunday I reserve for exploring the great outdoors.

I’m trying to be more responsible with money and my decisions, etc. I’m actually awake now after trying to nap for an hour and a half in order to study for my calc 2 test. Today was my rest day and yesterday was actually when I did bi’s/tri’s, but I’m wired and like to procrastinate so I figured, why not blog?


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