Measuring In

Ok, so this is going to be my first post on measuring in. I bought a scale today and a food scale, as well as dug out my old measuring tape soo here we go.

Weigh in: 122 lbs

Size in inches:

chest: 35 in



forearm: 9in


hip: 38in

thigh: 20in

calves: 13in

Height: 5’7 3/4

Today is also the first day of my cycle so I’m definitely going to do another measurement next week when I’m not so grossy, what a wonderful day to do a weigh in and measurement huh!? Also decided I’m going to do my before photos as well, which I’ll post onto here.

I’m having a hard time deciding whether or not I want to compete in figure or bikini. A lot of the women they show competing figure I just don’t find very attractive (body wise). They look good and their bodies are shredded, I just really don’t like the V symmetry going on where the lats/shoulders look freaking huge and then there are no hips/ass. I don’t want to lose my butt and I just don’t think I would be happy competing in figure, regardless of how well I would do. My trainer really wants me to do figure and talking to a few other people I know I get mixed reviews between figure and bikini. I’ve also decided that I’m probably going to start with the NPC organization and eventually would like to enter into WBFF (longtime goal). I only know 3 girls who have competed, 1 pretty well, the other 2 not so well so I picked their brains a bit. Only one used a coach and received a second and a first, one received 2nd in figure and 2nd in bikini and the third girl received a 5th in bikini. The differences in what they are looking for is really throwing me off too….

As well as there aren’t many amateur competitions in the St. Louis area and I have found NONE listed for amateurs in 2015, so I’m hoping that they will release dates sometime in November.

I did start my first calorie tracking day yesterday, I ate over 2000 calories and was still hungry so we stepped my baseline up to 3000; hopefully I can achieve this everyday and then add another 250 calories to GAIN. I want to put on more size before I compete because I just think I’m so small. I really want to build those legs!!!! Any kinds of tips or pointers in the whole competition atmosphere is MUCH appreciated! I plan on doing most of this on my own, so I could use it!


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