So I’m really not the biggest fan of TurboTax, I’ve been using it the past 3 years since I started filing my own taxes and I personally think it sucks. It’s kind of confusing and it doesn’t tell you the charges for things until you get to the VERY end. Apparently, the federal and one state tax return is free. However, I paid for two state tax returns since I worked in another state other than where I reside this past year.

So I just find it annoying that every year I get suckered into paying for different things. I understand that the federal tax return is free. I even went through and did the free online e-file for Illinois, but ended up getting more money back even after subtracting the fee to file through Turbotax, so I did that. Hmm, I guess I just want to rant. I’ve been extremely bitchy today so things like this have just been setting me off.
Call it hormones or whatever but that still doesn’t change my outlook on things.


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