Home Improvement – Removing Wallpaper

So, the entire 1st floor of our house is wallpapered… Thank the Lord he had already gotten most of the wallpaper off the walls, all that’s left is the backing in the kitchen and the bordering upstairs… But JESUS does it suck. I’ve been using fabric softener and warm water, all of the online tips and tutorials so to wait a few minutes, I don’t think that’s the best way. So far I’ve gotten it off easier to spray the wall down, let it soak in for maybe a minute and go at it. Much better results. Probably in about an hour I’ve gotten half a wall finished. I also take breaks doing homework in between to give my arms a break.

Domestication at its finest. On my agenda for the day is to possible get all of the wallpaper off of the kitchen walls, finish my homework during my breaks, go to the grocery store for some last minute ingredients for dinner tonight, and that about sums it up.

My boyfriend got me a yoga video and mat for Valentine’s Day so I might even give that a try tonight. I barely go to the gym, mainly because my heart rate gets too high with the increased blood volume so I have to take long breaks, no cardio whatsoever, and I can’t lift as heavy so I just don’t have a very good time while I’m there unfortunately. People always suggest walking and I’m over here like, walking? Seriously?

So I’m going to give the yoga video a try.

My life is boring, but I seem to be wayyy busier with stuff to actually do.

Hopefully today and tomorrow I can get most of this wallpaper down (upstairs border too) and then we can start painting! 😀


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