Home Ownership Horrors

Alright, so I’ve been renting for years, ever since college….. now that I live with my boyfriend and it’s our own house I never really realized how much work you really have to put into it. All of the first floor is covered with FUGLY wallpaper… most of which I now have down. The living room is completely done, ready to be primed and painted.
I just finished the kitchen other than what’s behind the heavy appliances and above the cabinets because I don’t feel safe standing on the counters while pregnant tearing down wallpaper. But that would only take about an hour or so,  so all that’s left in that room is fixing the holes, sanding, washing, then priming and paint.

Next we have a room that my boyfriend uses as his office. All of the wallpaper is gone and there still remains wallpaper backing on the bottom of the wall… which he stopped removing because he found old termite damage. (there are no longer termites but what the hell do we do with the walls that do have the damage???

THEN there is a NIGHTMARE room that probably serves as another family room/ sitting room. With god awful, horrid wallpaper that’s 4-5 different colors on half the wall and the bottom half is a cream and silver stripe…EW

Anyway, he can’t figure out what the hell to do with this room because he thinks the wallpaper was stuck straight onto the wall.

I haven’t tried my hand on it yet but the two main rooms we use are basically finished. Upstairs in every single bedroom and bathroom is wallpaper border…. I have yet to get my hands on that since we’re focusing on the larger rooms downstairs to get those painted. Goal is by Easter Sunday… which gives us literally about two weeks!!!! YIKES!!

Well, our dryer crapped out almost 2 weeks ago, so needless to say, laundry is PILING UP…. I noticed that our master bath floor was wet, and LOW AND BEHOLD whenever we removed the toilet, the seal had gone bad and the floor to the left of the toilet it completely rotted due to these old idiots installing carpet in their bathroom…the carpet retained the water for who knows how long…. talk about DISGUSTING!! So now on our agenda is ripping out that floor, purchasing a new toilet and installing tile& grout…and while we’re at it replacing the stairs/counter around the jacuzzi tub…etc,etc….

Siding was also blown off the side of the house in the last storm we had….

my question is this….DOES THIS GET ANY BETTER??

I know homes/apartments are a lot of maintenance and upkeep but damn, can’t we just finish one project and move to the next??

We even had to install an electric fence for $300 and purchase an outdoor dog pen for $250 because our big boys were ramming the wooden fence, breaking boards and running out. Getting picked up, leading us to be fined $300 twice now….

Like can you ever catch a break or is this just what home ownership is all about? Just continuously getting screwed and pouring in money….  So my To Do list is constantly growing….and we have a baby due the first week of August.

Only good thing is that I saved us money replacing the floor by shampooing the carpets, which looks 80% better I would say… I’m definitely going to shampoo it again before Easter and make sure I keep up with it month to month…. just UGHHH

It’s definitely stressful adding all of this on top of everything else. So here I am shopping around for the best deals on appliances…we’re probably going to end up purchasing our washer/dryer from a scratch/dent appliance store so we can save a LOT of money to use on the bathroom. The carpet in the bathroom needed to go anyway, but damn the floor too…we’re going to try to do all of this ourselves to save money… I also like projects. I plan on installing the tile and a backsplash in the kitchen myself using pinterest and youtube videos…so hopefully these people know what they’re doing!


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