28 Weeks

Officially 28 weeks and counting. Into my third trimester. Just now ordered some belly bands so I can continue to wear my pants/shorts this summer without buying new ones. Funny how your priorities change. I used to spend $50 on a pair of shorts and well over $100 on nice jeans. Now it’s all about frugal.

I even downloaded & bought (for $2) an Aldi’s freezer plan meal. It’s 22 meals under $150 at Aldi’s. I just prepped them a few days (which took ALLL DAMN DAY) but now I know to read through the instructions in advance and have my own system since hers was a little erratic. But they’re prepped and in the freezer. Going to try those over the next month and see if they’re any good. My sister and one of my boyfriend’s SIL were interested in trying them, so if they do turn out really good I’m definitely going to get a group together and hopefully cut down on the time. I did these 22 meals by myself and I know research wise usually having a group cuts the time in half because each person can be assigned a task. So far, the spaghetti and meatballs were delicious! Can’t wait to try the others.

I’ve gained about 10-11 lbs and am officially 7 months pregnant (3 more months to go!!!!! YAY!!!) Baby seems to be having a blast in my tummy, rolling around, kicking, punching. I don’t know what in the world is going on in there whenever she is active, but people say it means you’re going to have an active baby/toddler. That doesn’t surprise me because I remember being very active when I was younger.

So far I’ve been marking things off my checklist for baby.

Waiting until after my baby shower in 3 weeks to make a list of must-Haves we still need.

STOCKED on diapers, I need to stop looking online at different ones though because I just want to keep buying more, now I understand why they say it’s so addicting. So far I’ve scored most of mine from ALVA, a few used ones, a Kooshies, bun genius, jamtots, rumpkins, & recently ordered a few from glowbug. 2 thirsties covers. Still in my Need list: GMD newborn inserts, blueberry cover, bummis cover.

I’m going to TRY to make myself stop and only order them once she’s outgrown the newborns. It’s a lot harder to find used covers than it is the pockets & AIO so I think I’m going to order those new.

Otherwise, I’ve been waiting for comic con to be over so I can get my boyfriend back and get this house ready for baby. The kitchen is pretty much almost prepped for painting (he needs to spackle and sand) I need to wash the walls and get the remaining chunks of wallpaper off. We have the paint and primer, just waiting on the time to get it done now.

The upstairs 4 bedrooms still need painted ( all have wallpaper border up still) & the 2 upstairs bathrooms. Hopefully my mothers boyfriend really can come over and spray it and have that all done in 2 days. I’m thinking of setting aside 2 days next week to get the wallpaper border down (when my mom brings the crib and changing table she’s going to bring a ladder), then I can just tape the woodwork and let him at it. The walls are in MUCH better condition upstairs since they weren’t completely covered in wallpaper (THANK GOD)

Our goals have definitely changed, now we just want to finish painting and my personal preference is to finish our master bath so we can have a bathroom for us and one for baby. The smaller bathroom down the hall is just jam packed and I’m starting to hate it. Ugh.

Carpets and flooring are waiting until next tax season.

Otherwise though, I feel like I’ve done a good job preparing for baby.

I’ve gotten almost EVERYTHING for baby for well under $500.

Diapers I mainly got one size fits all so they will last from a few weeks old to 2 years. SAVED SO MUCH MONEY THERE!!!

Pretty much covered on clothes from newborn-9 months and got ALL of that for $160 at yardsales. I’ve also negotiated with my sister to pay her $40 a tote or large bag for her babies old stuff, since her baby girl will grow out of them a month or two before I will need some. Win win!

My mobile is almost finished, just need to put a top on it and hang it, but of course that has to wait until the room is painted. (UGH I HATE WAITING)

Also starting to get to the most uncomfortable stage of pregnancy that I’ve had so far. She moves so much it makes me nauseous and she’s ALWAYS moving around so I lack appetite just because it upsets my stomach. So any of these large projects are just going to have to wait if we don’t get started on them soon. The painting I want done within the next 3 weeks so hopefully I can push myself to getting it finished.

I’ve also been walking the dogs everyday mainly for my exercise and to try to train them a little better. The chewing has not improved, anything you leave out and leave them unattended with they chew it up. (papers, books, bean bags, EVEN A PRINTER, a baby coat, rugs) WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU DO ABOUT THIS?!?!?!

Anyway, that’s enough of my ranting. I’m going to possibly try to post specific posts about baby & mommy in one by itself, DIY-ing, home improvement, etc. But i just don’t know if I can get my mind organized like that!