Baby Mobile

So I decided to make my own mobile for the babies room after seeing this SUPER adorable one on Pinterest.

Link posted at bottom for DIY.


I think I made this for about $30. I used a wreath base, some flowers I got at Michaels during a sale, I ordered the crystals off of Ebay for $25 and then just used fishing line. Attaching all of the crystals are tedious but you really only need a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun. I didn’t like that burlap so much on the DIY site so I opted for fake flowers to match the rest of the room.

This is the link to the DIY I found for this mobile:


Having a Little Girl!

Well we found out yesterday that we’re going to be having a little girl!! I really thought it was a boy so I was a little thrown off, but I did get into a yard sale today to start buying for baby. My sister just had a little girl today so I’m going to be getting her hand me downs right in time for my baby girl to wear them and my cousin already called saying that they have a lot of clothes and stuff for me!

Now we just need to paint, decorate and furnish the baby room!

I’m hoping to reupholster a glider that I’m getting from a friend for free, possibly even painting it… I’m probably going to go with white for the items and then a floral and rhinestone scheme. I don’t want to paint it a crazy color since we already decided to do most of the upstairs gray so it’s all neutral in a few years when we want to sell this house.

Anyway, since I can FINALLY start shopping around I’ve stumbled upon a few things that I really am not sure about…. such as what is safe to buy used?

I stumbled upon a SUPER cheap breast pump..only $35 needing new tubing when originally it’s over $200 pump..doing some research it is only rated as a single-user system so I’m thinking I’m going to call my insurance and see if they’ll cover the cost, apparently the new federally regulated maternity requirements do so I should qualify for a free one (that will be a HUGE burden off my back).

Still in the market for a crib/toddler bed, I like the white metal looking ones so that’s what I’m trying to go for…and wanting to refurbish a smaller dresser to use as store/changing table in the baby’s room.

Also planning on DIY-ing all of my decorations and the curtains…. LOL

I think I better get started if I’m going to be doing all of this DIY-ing.

Any reason I’m writing about this is that I’m getting mixed signals from different moms.

My sister and a few other moms told my that they bought all of their stuff at yard sales for super cheap and in good condition, and I’ve seen them they are in good condition..a travel stroller system for $45 and looked brand new…the ones I’m finding around here are $80+…..I think it’s just my area and I really haven’t gone to a lot of yard sales so I don’t know where to look for such items…

Still on the lookout for:

  • crib
  • dresser
  • traveling stroller
  • extra car seat and base
  • swing
  • bumpo
  • highchair
  • baby carrier for daddy

That’s all I can think of right now….. but hopefully I can find the majority of this for under $400, ┬áit IS doable I have heard from quite a few different mothers that they were able to do it.