The Reality of Things

There are many things that you do not think about when becoming a homeowner. I myself rented for several years before moving into my first house and a few things that I think are a pain in the butt now that spring time in here are follows:

Weeds in the landscaping, weeds in the yard, weed eating, mowing, spraying pesticide, spraying weed/grass killer.

Things like this were taken care of by the landlord when I rented, now you have to do all of these yourself. & I just thought someone came over and mowed the grass LOL Lord was I mistaken. There are weeds growing up around all of the landscaping and in the landscaping along with in the flower beds. Who has to pull them? You do. You has to weed eat and spray them? You do.

We have someone coming over next Saturday to load up all of our rock in the landscaping in the backyard. The families kids come over and when they play in the back like to throw them all over the yard, which pisses my boyfriend off, especially when you’re about to mow the grass.

Also, redoing your house to how you like it sounds like fun, but not whenever you’re saving money by doing the work yourself. Just painting involved scraping off wallpaper, washing the walls with a rough sponge, spackling any holes left from nails, etc. and then washing the walls again, taping off all of the windows, trim, woodwork where you do not want paint on, laying down sheets, finally priming the walls, letting it dry and THEN painting. You don’t just throw some paint up and call it a day. It takes me probably a total of 3 days to complete one room. My next objective for the upstairs is to get ALL of the rooms wallpaper border down, take out all of the nails, spackle, sand, wash once since the whole wall was NOT wallpapered, tape off the trim, prime and then paint. Doing all of these things to all of the rooms at the same time instead of going room by room. Let alone my mothers boyfriend is a painter so he offered to come over with a paint sprayer if we just purchase the paint. So I’m hoping I can get the ENTIRE upstairs done with prepwork in 2 days and then the painting the next day. TADA- finished! So wish me luck in this endeavor, baby is due mid-August so we have about 3.5 months to get everything done. Then it’s mommy and baby time. My classes end in late May, so the last 2 months I won’t have anything else taking up my time and attention.

Also, got EVERYTHING I need to paint furniture. I’m painting my entire bedroom furniture set (which is traditional oak brown wood) black and white for our guest room. I will put an individual post up with before and after pictures, so I’m hoping they turn out fabulously!

The dogs are getting shaved on Monday so I’m praying to Jesus that will GREATLY reduce the amount of hair in the house. We have two mutts with short hair but they shed more than a long haired dog, I swear.

After that, I’m looking at possibly getting the carpets professionally cleaned, since neutering and limiting water/food supply has stopped all of the accidents in the house. Our end goal is to replace all of the floors, but it’s taken us this long just to paint and I think it’s from us being pretty lazy, going to work, doing homework, cooking, cleaning, etc. that we just don’t feel like doing the extra stuff in our free time.

But I have my eyes on the prize, there’s not too much more time left before baby makes her appearance and I want this place spic and span!!


Random Catch up

So I’ve been doing homework for a few hours. Earlier today me and my significant other spent hours deep cleaning the house. As in, I washed and detailed ALL of the woodwork, windows, dusted, swept, mopped, cleaned the banisters, door frames, washed the doors, some of the walls while he sanded the spackle and washed the walls in the living room. As I decide to take a break what I do is: check my email. Then, I have nothing else to do. I don’t even know where to browse around or anything at the moment. It’s one of the first times in my life where I just sat here and was absolutely blank about what I wanted to do or rather look at than my homework. WEIRD. I’m still technically procrastinating because I’m doing all of the small posts/quizzes while I have about 500 pages to read, 3 papers to write and a list of things to compare and contrast all due Sunday at midnight for one class. :/ But I’m hoping to get through the reading tomorrow night and Saturday night since I work those mornings and hopefully start on the papers Saturday night, leaving Sunday night to finish and post them. Hopefully not too much wishful thinking otherwise I am going to be up all night.

Anyway UPDATE:

I moved in with my boyfriend maybe like a month ago. We found out we’re having a baby so I pretty much just stay here all of the time. He owns his own house and I rent a townhouse with two other girls. He works alot so like this weekend, he’s working overtime every night, I’ll see him for around 3 hours and that’s it.

While at his house we still need to get all of the wallpaper and backing down, sand & wash the walls, paint. Then we are installing hardwood floors in about half the house. Our goal date to finish all of this is Easter weekend, so about the first week of April. The upstairs bedroom only have wallpaper bordering so those won’t be bad. After that’s done, we’re getting new carpet. & that’s about as far as we thought other than starting on the baby’s room. I’m currently 14 weeks right now.

Still lifting every once in awhile but it’s gotten really hard and almost too much for me, I’m really short of breath and my heart beat gets WAY too high even with lowering the weight, lowering the reps and taking long breaks in between sets. Cardio kills me so I’m trying to find a place close by that offers yoga. Any suggestions from mothers on even a person to follow on youtube for help? I have a yoga mat and a large tv with a roku as well as a place to do it if I could find a good person?

So pretty much the delay in all of my blogging has been because of some BIG changes in my life and not too much time to think about anything else. So tonight while I was at a loss of what to do to take a break, I decided to update my blog. Maybe I should just make this into my mommy blog for the time being. Since this is an anonymous blog about my life. LOL