Baby Mobile

So I decided to make my own mobile for the babies room after seeing this SUPER adorable one on Pinterest.

Link posted at bottom for DIY.


I think I made this for about $30. I used a wreath base, some flowers I got at Michaels during a sale, I ordered the crystals off of Ebay for $25 and then just used fishing line. Attaching all of the crystals are tedious but you really only need a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun. I didn’t like that burlap so much on the DIY site so I opted for fake flowers to match the rest of the room.

This is the link to the DIY I found for this mobile:


When People Expect Gifts From You

I have not been working the last 6 weeks. I quit my job because I hated it, I had enough money saved up and I was 6 months pregnant. I’m being a stay at home mom for at least the first year of my babies life, going back to school in the spring to finish my degree which should only take 3 semesters tops and then be on my way. My SO is supporting me through this time because he makes enough money to do so.

I was just talking on the phone with my aunt the other day and this is seriously one of my biggest pet peeves: when people expect you to get them gifts!!! She was already talking about what she wanted me to get her for Christmas.

An expensive ass bathroom set from Bed Bath & Beyond. Her husband would not let her buy them for their bathroom because he said it was a waste of money/too expensive to put in the bathroom. It’s literally S150 bath ensemble. I got the exact same one, buying piece by piece every paycheck and using the 20% off coupons I got through the store. But I was just kind of shocked that she seriously expected me to buy her a $150 bath ensemble for Christmas whenever she knows I have not been working, I don’t have any extra money, we’re going to have a newborn baby during this time and my boyfriend is footing the bill for all of our expenses – food, housing, utilities, gas, anything extra we might want to do.

I understand that she might feel entitled to it since she did buy the upcoming baby some expensive gifts such as a new swing and bed set. But at the same time, these are gifts! & she knows that I am not making any income nor will I be.

Her response to me not having any money: “well by that time you might have some money, you never know”.

If I had some money I’m not going to spend S150 of it on a Christmas gift for you. Even in the past my MAX amount of money I will spend on a gift is $50, just a rule I have.

I’ve bought the majority of my newborns things from yard sales; including ALL of her clothes, a jumper, carseat, bouncer. My mom is supposed to be getting me a crib for free from a coworker and everything else I’ve gotten I’ve used coupons or bought used.
So my frugality is really just shocked at this point. She knows that I don’t have any income coming in and won’t for the next year but miraculously I might have money by then….or expects my SO to get her this gift for Christmas whenever he’s supporting a family of 3 and we’re remodeling our house little by little….. I still am just BEYOND SHOCKED at this.

Each year it’s always the same with Christmas too: what did you get so and so? Aren’t you buying them anything they got something for you?…etc. etc.

Yes I do feel bad whenever someone buys me a gift and I didn’t plan on giving them anything in return because I did not expect a gift. One year I had 15 people to buy from whenever I was in school full time working a part time job. My main point of this is that: gifts should not be expected. People don’t always have the money for them and just because she buys gifts for roughly 5-6 people each year means she can get them nicer stuff; FINE. But don’t expect that everyone can spend that kind of money in return. With my boyfriend’s and my family combined we’re already expecting to buy gifts for 15+ people.
The capitalism of this world is really just baffling me. No one even celebrates the real reason for Christmas, Easter, etc. it’s just a gimme gimme gimme mentality that I disagree with completely. My SO and I have even gotten into an argument about it because I said that children who don’t believe in God or Jesus should not celebrate Christmas or Easter since they don’t believe in what those holidays are actually supposed to be about. He couldn’t believe that I thought children shouldn’t get presents because they don’t believe in God or Jesus……

That is just my personal opinion. Everything in this society has become focused on materialistic items, gifts and presents with no respect for earning things. I’m glad to say we don’t have cable and I’m glad that my kids are not going to grow up glued to the box and see all of the commercials for all the things that they are not going to have. We do not need nearly as much stuff as we think we do- we just want it and get brainwashed into thinking we have to have it.

Same thing with the swing and bouncer. I didn’t want both- mainly because I think it’s excessive. As soon as I figure out which one my baby prefers over the other I’m getting rid of the one that isn’t used. Just so much excessive things for the “convenience” factor. Welp, we can’t have anything baby or decor related laying around downstairs because our dogs eat it. You name it, they chew it, destroy it. Baskets, candles, coasters, cardboard boxes, shoes, yoga mats, play station controllers, hats, towels, blankets.

NONE of this can be downstairs AT ALL while the dogs are unsupervised so I really just don’t have the need for all of this junk because it will get ruined anyway. I’m kind of grateful (I will NEVER admit this to my SO) because it makes sure that I clean and put away EVERYTHING downstairs. A lot of people can’t understand why we still have these dogs either which is another BAFFLEMENT to me…. you get animals to keep as pets, you are expected to take care of these animals for their whole lives… you don’t just get rid of them because they won’t behave, they chew stuff up, etc. because they are an inconvenience to you. You have to change your habits and routines to make sure that they do behave themselves and be around enough to recognize patterns. We realized that one of our dogs only chews between the time my boyfriend leaves for work at 6 am and whenever I get up in the morning around 8-9 am…so now we kennel him during that time because otherwise we know he will find something to chew up. & guess what….no chewing since we recognized his routine!

Honestly, I am just distraught at what society is becoming. It’s a very sad world we are starting to live in now.

28 Weeks

Officially 28 weeks and counting. Into my third trimester. Just now ordered some belly bands so I can continue to wear my pants/shorts this summer without buying new ones. Funny how your priorities change. I used to spend $50 on a pair of shorts and well over $100 on nice jeans. Now it’s all about frugal.

I even downloaded & bought (for $2) an Aldi’s freezer plan meal. It’s 22 meals under $150 at Aldi’s. I just prepped them a few days (which took ALLL DAMN DAY) but now I know to read through the instructions in advance and have my own system since hers was a little erratic. But they’re prepped and in the freezer. Going to try those over the next month and see if they’re any good. My sister and one of my boyfriend’s SIL were interested in trying them, so if they do turn out really good I’m definitely going to get a group together and hopefully cut down on the time. I did these 22 meals by myself and I know research wise usually having a group cuts the time in half because each person can be assigned a task. So far, the spaghetti and meatballs were delicious! Can’t wait to try the others.

I’ve gained about 10-11 lbs and am officially 7 months pregnant (3 more months to go!!!!! YAY!!!) Baby seems to be having a blast in my tummy, rolling around, kicking, punching. I don’t know what in the world is going on in there whenever she is active, but people say it means you’re going to have an active baby/toddler. That doesn’t surprise me because I remember being very active when I was younger.

So far I’ve been marking things off my checklist for baby.

Waiting until after my baby shower in 3 weeks to make a list of must-Haves we still need.

STOCKED on diapers, I need to stop looking online at different ones though because I just want to keep buying more, now I understand why they say it’s so addicting. So far I’ve scored most of mine from ALVA, a few used ones, a Kooshies, bun genius, jamtots, rumpkins, & recently ordered a few from glowbug. 2 thirsties covers. Still in my Need list: GMD newborn inserts, blueberry cover, bummis cover.

I’m going to TRY to make myself stop and only order them once she’s outgrown the newborns. It’s a lot harder to find used covers than it is the pockets & AIO so I think I’m going to order those new.

Otherwise, I’ve been waiting for comic con to be over so I can get my boyfriend back and get this house ready for baby. The kitchen is pretty much almost prepped for painting (he needs to spackle and sand) I need to wash the walls and get the remaining chunks of wallpaper off. We have the paint and primer, just waiting on the time to get it done now.

The upstairs 4 bedrooms still need painted ( all have wallpaper border up still) & the 2 upstairs bathrooms. Hopefully my mothers boyfriend really can come over and spray it and have that all done in 2 days. I’m thinking of setting aside 2 days next week to get the wallpaper border down (when my mom brings the crib and changing table she’s going to bring a ladder), then I can just tape the woodwork and let him at it. The walls are in MUCH better condition upstairs since they weren’t completely covered in wallpaper (THANK GOD)

Our goals have definitely changed, now we just want to finish painting and my personal preference is to finish our master bath so we can have a bathroom for us and one for baby. The smaller bathroom down the hall is just jam packed and I’m starting to hate it. Ugh.

Carpets and flooring are waiting until next tax season.

Otherwise though, I feel like I’ve done a good job preparing for baby.

I’ve gotten almost EVERYTHING for baby for well under $500.

Diapers I mainly got one size fits all so they will last from a few weeks old to 2 years. SAVED SO MUCH MONEY THERE!!!

Pretty much covered on clothes from newborn-9 months and got ALL of that for $160 at yardsales. I’ve also negotiated with my sister to pay her $40 a tote or large bag for her babies old stuff, since her baby girl will grow out of them a month or two before I will need some. Win win!

My mobile is almost finished, just need to put a top on it and hang it, but of course that has to wait until the room is painted. (UGH I HATE WAITING)

Also starting to get to the most uncomfortable stage of pregnancy that I’ve had so far. She moves so much it makes me nauseous and she’s ALWAYS moving around so I lack appetite just because it upsets my stomach. So any of these large projects are just going to have to wait if we don’t get started on them soon. The painting I want done within the next 3 weeks so hopefully I can push myself to getting it finished.

I’ve also been walking the dogs everyday mainly for my exercise and to try to train them a little better. The chewing has not improved, anything you leave out and leave them unattended with they chew it up. (papers, books, bean bags, EVEN A PRINTER, a baby coat, rugs) WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU DO ABOUT THIS?!?!?!

Anyway, that’s enough of my ranting. I’m going to possibly try to post specific posts about baby & mommy in one by itself, DIY-ing, home improvement, etc. But i just don’t know if I can get my mind organized like that!

The Reality of Things

There are many things that you do not think about when becoming a homeowner. I myself rented for several years before moving into my first house and a few things that I think are a pain in the butt now that spring time in here are follows:

Weeds in the landscaping, weeds in the yard, weed eating, mowing, spraying pesticide, spraying weed/grass killer.

Things like this were taken care of by the landlord when I rented, now you have to do all of these yourself. & I just thought someone came over and mowed the grass LOL Lord was I mistaken. There are weeds growing up around all of the landscaping and in the landscaping along with in the flower beds. Who has to pull them? You do. You has to weed eat and spray them? You do.

We have someone coming over next Saturday to load up all of our rock in the landscaping in the backyard. The families kids come over and when they play in the back like to throw them all over the yard, which pisses my boyfriend off, especially when you’re about to mow the grass.

Also, redoing your house to how you like it sounds like fun, but not whenever you’re saving money by doing the work yourself. Just painting involved scraping off wallpaper, washing the walls with a rough sponge, spackling any holes left from nails, etc. and then washing the walls again, taping off all of the windows, trim, woodwork where you do not want paint on, laying down sheets, finally priming the walls, letting it dry and THEN painting. You don’t just throw some paint up and call it a day. It takes me probably a total of 3 days to complete one room. My next objective for the upstairs is to get ALL of the rooms wallpaper border down, take out all of the nails, spackle, sand, wash once since the whole wall was NOT wallpapered, tape off the trim, prime and then paint. Doing all of these things to all of the rooms at the same time instead of going room by room. Let alone my mothers boyfriend is a painter so he offered to come over with a paint sprayer if we just purchase the paint. So I’m hoping I can get the ENTIRE upstairs done with prepwork in 2 days and then the painting the next day. TADA- finished! So wish me luck in this endeavor, baby is due mid-August so we have about 3.5 months to get everything done. Then it’s mommy and baby time. My classes end in late May, so the last 2 months I won’t have anything else taking up my time and attention.

Also, got EVERYTHING I need to paint furniture. I’m painting my entire bedroom furniture set (which is traditional oak brown wood) black and white for our guest room. I will put an individual post up with before and after pictures, so I’m hoping they turn out fabulously!

The dogs are getting shaved on Monday so I’m praying to Jesus that will GREATLY reduce the amount of hair in the house. We have two mutts with short hair but they shed more than a long haired dog, I swear.

After that, I’m looking at possibly getting the carpets professionally cleaned, since neutering and limiting water/food supply has stopped all of the accidents in the house. Our end goal is to replace all of the floors, but it’s taken us this long just to paint and I think it’s from us being pretty lazy, going to work, doing homework, cooking, cleaning, etc. that we just don’t feel like doing the extra stuff in our free time.

But I have my eyes on the prize, there’s not too much more time left before baby makes her appearance and I want this place spic and span!!

Having a Little Girl!

Well we found out yesterday that we’re going to be having a little girl!! I really thought it was a boy so I was a little thrown off, but I did get into a yard sale today to start buying for baby. My sister just had a little girl today so I’m going to be getting her hand me downs right in time for my baby girl to wear them and my cousin already called saying that they have a lot of clothes and stuff for me!

Now we just need to paint, decorate and furnish the baby room!

I’m hoping to reupholster a glider that I’m getting from a friend for free, possibly even painting it… I’m probably going to go with white for the items and then a floral and rhinestone scheme. I don’t want to paint it a crazy color since we already decided to do most of the upstairs gray so it’s all neutral in a few years when we want to sell this house.

Anyway, since I can FINALLY start shopping around I’ve stumbled upon a few things that I really am not sure about…. such as what is safe to buy used?

I stumbled upon a SUPER cheap breast pump..only $35 needing new tubing when originally it’s over $200 pump..doing some research it is only rated as a single-user system so I’m thinking I’m going to call my insurance and see if they’ll cover the cost, apparently the new federally regulated maternity requirements do so I should qualify for a free one (that will be a HUGE burden off my back).

Still in the market for a crib/toddler bed, I like the white metal looking ones so that’s what I’m trying to go for…and wanting to refurbish a smaller dresser to use as store/changing table in the baby’s room.

Also planning on DIY-ing all of my decorations and the curtains…. LOL

I think I better get started if I’m going to be doing all of this DIY-ing.

Any reason I’m writing about this is that I’m getting mixed signals from different moms.

My sister and a few other moms told my that they bought all of their stuff at yard sales for super cheap and in good condition, and I’ve seen them they are in good condition..a travel stroller system for $45 and looked brand new…the ones I’m finding around here are $80+…..I think it’s just my area and I really haven’t gone to a lot of yard sales so I don’t know where to look for such items…

Still on the lookout for:

  • crib
  • dresser
  • traveling stroller
  • extra car seat and base
  • swing
  • bumpo
  • highchair
  • baby carrier for daddy

That’s all I can think of right now….. but hopefully I can find the majority of this for under $400,  it IS doable I have heard from quite a few different mothers that they were able to do it.

Floor Tile Tips

Bathroom Floor Tile: 14 Top Options

Which Floor Tile is Best for You?

I think I’m going to go with porcelain: because it is the best moisture resistant and I do not want to deal with another case of rotted floors…

Second choice would be ceramic.

The bathroom I am basing ours on is this:

So far I’ve found these tiles that somewhat match:



Mosaic Tile Sheet – Not sure if this is for the floor or not

Someone used this for the floor of their shower

To line the Tub:

Tub Liner


LOVE this one

Penny Tile 🙂

this could be possible

2nd choice

Home Ownership Horrors

Alright, so I’ve been renting for years, ever since college….. now that I live with my boyfriend and it’s our own house I never really realized how much work you really have to put into it. All of the first floor is covered with FUGLY wallpaper… most of which I now have down. The living room is completely done, ready to be primed and painted.
I just finished the kitchen other than what’s behind the heavy appliances and above the cabinets because I don’t feel safe standing on the counters while pregnant tearing down wallpaper. But that would only take about an hour or so,  so all that’s left in that room is fixing the holes, sanding, washing, then priming and paint.

Next we have a room that my boyfriend uses as his office. All of the wallpaper is gone and there still remains wallpaper backing on the bottom of the wall… which he stopped removing because he found old termite damage. (there are no longer termites but what the hell do we do with the walls that do have the damage???

THEN there is a NIGHTMARE room that probably serves as another family room/ sitting room. With god awful, horrid wallpaper that’s 4-5 different colors on half the wall and the bottom half is a cream and silver stripe…EW

Anyway, he can’t figure out what the hell to do with this room because he thinks the wallpaper was stuck straight onto the wall.

I haven’t tried my hand on it yet but the two main rooms we use are basically finished. Upstairs in every single bedroom and bathroom is wallpaper border…. I have yet to get my hands on that since we’re focusing on the larger rooms downstairs to get those painted. Goal is by Easter Sunday… which gives us literally about two weeks!!!! YIKES!!

Well, our dryer crapped out almost 2 weeks ago, so needless to say, laundry is PILING UP…. I noticed that our master bath floor was wet, and LOW AND BEHOLD whenever we removed the toilet, the seal had gone bad and the floor to the left of the toilet it completely rotted due to these old idiots installing carpet in their bathroom…the carpet retained the water for who knows how long…. talk about DISGUSTING!! So now on our agenda is ripping out that floor, purchasing a new toilet and installing tile& grout…and while we’re at it replacing the stairs/counter around the jacuzzi tub…etc,etc….

Siding was also blown off the side of the house in the last storm we had….

my question is this….DOES THIS GET ANY BETTER??

I know homes/apartments are a lot of maintenance and upkeep but damn, can’t we just finish one project and move to the next??

We even had to install an electric fence for $300 and purchase an outdoor dog pen for $250 because our big boys were ramming the wooden fence, breaking boards and running out. Getting picked up, leading us to be fined $300 twice now….

Like can you ever catch a break or is this just what home ownership is all about? Just continuously getting screwed and pouring in money….  So my To Do list is constantly growing….and we have a baby due the first week of August.

Only good thing is that I saved us money replacing the floor by shampooing the carpets, which looks 80% better I would say… I’m definitely going to shampoo it again before Easter and make sure I keep up with it month to month…. just UGHHH

It’s definitely stressful adding all of this on top of everything else. So here I am shopping around for the best deals on appliances…we’re probably going to end up purchasing our washer/dryer from a scratch/dent appliance store so we can save a LOT of money to use on the bathroom. The carpet in the bathroom needed to go anyway, but damn the floor too…we’re going to try to do all of this ourselves to save money… I also like projects. I plan on installing the tile and a backsplash in the kitchen myself using pinterest and youtube videos…so hopefully these people know what they’re doing!